Battlebart, also refering to himself as "Battleblart," is the owner of the Battlehaus. He admits that he is in a lot of debt with Team Rocket.


Battlebart wears a white cut off shirt and a black belt around his brown pants.


At some unknown point in time, Battlebart invested in the Battlehaus, using loans from Team Rocket. However, he was unable to repay his debt to them. Thus, he told Rusty to burn the Battlehaus to collect the insurance money. However, he was still unable to pay his debt, and Team Rocket's new boss Pikachu ordered his grunts to "break all his battlebones."

Later, it was revealed that Battlebart had joined the Anti-Bidoof Resistance Force. He also tried to made Rusty realize that this apocalypse was his entire doing.

In the altered timeline, Battlebart was most likely to repeat his meeting with Rusty in the Battlehaus and became a member of the Anti-Bidoof Resistance Force after the Bidocalypse has happened. As Future Rusty faces Peanut Butter by throwing a Pokeball, Battlebart facepalms on Rusty's incompetent strategy. Battlebart later witnessed Steve becoming a Bidoof by Peanut Butter (then explodes him), and he committed suicide with a Voltorb, not before reminding his friends to tell his wife that he said "Blargorgle".

After Peanut Butter restores his faith in humanity, Battlebart was most likely to be revived by him.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Battlebart seems to have some dyslexia.


  • A level 22 Porygon seen in the episode Battlehaus
  • An Oddish seen during a "Stacker Battle"
  • A Donphan that was seen during a "Stacker Battle"
  • A Jigglypuff that was only seen during a "Stacker Battle"