"You're ALWAYS goin' on about this "Pallet Town", What's wrong with Beige Town?"
―Rusty's dad
"We're not even on the MAP, dad!"
Beige Town

Beige Town is the town that Rusty's family and Professor Tree live in. It is so small, it is not even marked on maps. It only has two houses, Rusty's and Professor Tree's lab.


Rusty's HouseEdit

Rusty and his parents live in a simple house, designed much like a Pokemon trainer's house in the normal games. They have a sink, cabinet, trashcan and a TV as well as a large green rug in the center of the room with a table and chairs on it. They also have a red mat in front of the stairs.

Dad's DeliEdit

The deli owned by Rusty's father is located on the first floor of their house.

Professor Tree's LabEdit

Professor Tree obtained a free lab when he decided to become a Pokémon professor. It has all the basic things that a Pokémon professor lab would, like a computer and table. The only differences is that it is messier and Professor Tree leaves drug related items laying around.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Beige Town is a show-only fictional town, and it's building patterns is identical to Pallet Town's.