Bug Trainer is the trainer whom Rusty asks to be his rival. The bug catcher readily agrees, but after a single battle refuses to be Rusty's rival any longer.


The Bug Trainer shares a sprite with the usual bug catcher sprite in Pokémon games.


Rusty's RivalEdit

The Bug Trainer first appeared in the episode Rusty's Rival, standing on the route Rusty happened to be passing through. After reading one of Red's tweets about defeating his rival, Rusty declares that he needs a rival and calls out to the nearby Bug Trainer. He excitedly accepts and they enter their first battle.

As Rusty summons Pikachu, the Bug Trainer notes that this was a Kakuna and summons his Ratatta, and Rusty threw Pikachu onto him, causing a head trauma. Shocked by this, the Bug Trainer accused Rusty for cheating, and left the battle.


He is absent for much of the series, but when the perfect Bidoof takes over, ushering in the Eon of Doof, the Bug Trainer survives and joins Red's resistance team. He is one of the last few remaining members when Rusty is found.

In the altered timeline, the Bug Trainer was most likely to repeat his meeting with Rusty and became a member of the Anti-Bidoof Resistance Team.

As Peanut Butter found the base, the Bug Trainer declares that they're going to "F**king die!" and pisses his own pants. During the massacre, the Bug Trainer struggled to escape with his intestines exposed.

After Peanut Butter restores his faith in humanity thanks to Good Rusty's sandwich, the Bug Trainer was entirely healed thanks to Peanut Butter's reverted the apocalypse.


  • Despite being a bug catcher, he uses a Ratatta, a normal-type Pokémon, which was commonly used by Youngster trainers.