Bug Catcher's ratata

Rattata was Bug Catcher's lead pokemon, which he sent out to fight Rusty when he declared him his rival.


Bug Catcher's Rattata had the appearance of a normal Rattata. However, after Rusty had Pikachu "use headbutt," Rattata's head slackened and his tail drooped with X's over its eyes.


After reading a tweet from Red, Rusty was inspired to get a rival of his own and declared Bug Catcher as his new rival before challenging him to a battle. Bug Catcher sent out Rattata as his first pokemon. No sooner had he done so than Rusty loudly yelled for Pikachu to "use headbutt," before hurling the Kakuna at the Bug Catcher's Rattata with the battle text reading: "RUSTY threw PIKACHU at RATTATA!"

Rattata collapsed, its head and tail going limp with X's appearing over its eyes. The text then read: "The Impact Caused HEAD TRAUMA!" Bug Catcher, distraught at this, scooped up Rattata and hurried home with Rattata in his arms.


  • Rattata was at Level 2 when Rusty fought Bug Catcher