Burbasaur is what Rusty calls a Bulbasaur he has.


"He's super rare. I think I caught the first one ever."
―Rusty on his "Burbasaur"
Before he was captured by Rusty, Burbasaur is one of a few Bulbasaurs to be a birth defect (as evidenced with his lack of pulp on his back, and somewhat unsymmetrical eyes), and unfortunately; is also one of the few shiny Pokemons. Rusty mistakes it as a variant of Bulbasaur. And being a defect, he was unable to fight, and often passes out and vomits blood.


Team RocketEdit

At one point, Rusty captured a Bulbasaur with a birth defect (and also a shiny) with no pulp on his back. As Team Rocket arrives, Rusty the his entire Pokeballs, including Burbasaur. As the male Team Rocket members releases the third ball, Both members are appalled to it's appearance and Rusty boasts about it.

Before Rusty's dad picked him up, He bought Burbasaur back to his Pokeball, while the Bidoof pile was left behind.

The Elite FourEdit

Burbasaur returned in this episode as Rusty had been carrying him in the Pokéball for the whole time. Rusty chose him to battle against Elite Four member Agatha, but Burbasaur couldn't act due to organ failure, so Peanut Butter, the Perfect Bidoof, intervened to take his position.


In the altered timeline, Burbasaur was most likely to be captured again by Rusty.


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • According to The Elite Four, Burbasaur's level is -2.