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Rusty's Dad scolding Rusty in the car.

Rusty's Dad's Car is an automobile owned by Rusty's Dad and possibly Rusty's Mom.


The car is revealed to be a Camry, as stated later in the episode by Rusty. It is a purple-blue color with a wide front fender. It has white headlights.


After Rusty is mugged by Team Rocket, he calls his father to pick him up. Rusty's father picks him up in the car. As he is driving, he is distracted by his scolding of Rusty to notice the snorlax sleeping in the road. Rusty grabs the wheel, but it is too late and the car endures a violent crash. It becomes mangled with the snorlax. Rusty captures both his father and the snorlax and hurries off to a Pokecenter, leaving the wreckage there.