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Rusty emerging from the ocean onto the shore.

The Cinnabar Island Shore is the outer most edge of Cinnabar Island. It is first seen when Rusty washes ashore here.

Known ResidentsEdit

Points of InterestEdit

  • PokeCenter
  • PokeMart


It first appears in the episode Gym Fight when Rusty washes on shore after being kicked off of the SS Anne. Leaving a trail of water, Rusty makes his way to thhe gym to fight Blaine.

Later, after a crushing defeat at the hands of the gym leader, Rusty retreats to the shore. There, he breaks down crying and Blaine comes to try and cheer him up. A seashell washes ashore and Blaine gifts it to Rusty, telling him that it's a participation badge. This boosts Rusty's confidence and he rushes into the waves, only to be washed back onto the shore. Blaine calls Rusty a water taxi to pick him up there.