Cleffaye Valentine (also referred as Sexy Fairy) is one of Julian's Pokemon.


Cleffaye Valentine is the nickname that Julian gives to his Cleffa when she hatches, which is named after the girl in her dreams. When Team Rocket crashes through the daycare and stole her, Julian bemoaned that he would've married her when she came of age. Surprisingly, Rusty is disgusted by Julian's bestiality.

She is later seen being carried away by Team Rocket members while Battle Bart is beaten up.

Cleffaye was later present in the Anti-Bidoof Resistance team, and she witnesses Rusty going back in time,

In the altered timeline caused by Future Rusty, she was most likely to be created by Julian and taken away by Team Rocket, and she was present on the Resistance team once again. She also bear witnesses Peanut Butter's massacre in the base until Past Rusty restores his faith with his special sandwich. Peanut Butter later took her for his journey, much to Julian's chagrin.


  • She is named for Faye Valentine, a character on the show Cowboy Bebop.