The Customized Stationary Salesman  is an employee who works in Celadon City at the Celadon Mall. He stands near the entrance of the mall, selling his wares.


He has dirty blond hair and wear white clothes underneath a red apron.


Before the SeriesEdit

At some point before the series, he was hired at the Celadon Mall to sell customized stationary.

In the SeriesEdit

The Salesman was present as Rusty entered the mall, planning on buying things to equip himself to rescue Pikachu from Team Rocket. He loudly announced that he was selling customized stationary, which instantly attracted Rusty. When Rusty asked what he did with it, the Salesman explained that it it mean to be sent to friends. Confused, Rusty asks where he catches "friends."


Much later, after the perfect Bidoof takes over and ushers in the Eon of Doof, the Salesman can be seen working on building one of the statues of Peanut Butter as Rusty sings about being a slave. After Pikachu comes along and repeatedly whips Rusty to the ground, the Salesman, along with the other workers in the area applaud Pikachu. He continues working as Battle Bart pulls Rusty away into the hideout.