EV Trainer is the title of the seventh episode. It was originally uploaded to the official Dorkly website on December 10, 2012.

Official DescriptionEdit

If you want to be the very best, you have to be the absolute worst. Guest-starring Brentalfloss!


The episode starts with Rusty's Zubat being beaten by Level 72 Clefairy in one hit. He comments on how quickly he was beaten compared to other trainers. His opponent, the EV Trainer, scoffs as if it should have been obvious, stating about Zubat's nature being garbage. Rusty is immediately interested to learn what nature is, but the EV Trainer denounces it because EV training is like a super-secret art only for true Pokémon-Masters. Rusty guesses that the EV Trainer may have many badges, but EV Trainer compares badges to extraordinary membership fields such as independent tournaments, most exclusive toy stores, and middle school gymnasiums. Hence, his Clefairy is buffed up with big muscles.

Rusty insists the EV Trainer to teach him, but he doesn't know what EV means. After a long, difficult training in the classroom about the secret of effort values, Rusty notices that none of it sounded like fun. The EV Trainer states that Pokémon is not about fun: it's about "math and winning" and like a "job that he doesn't get paid for." Angrily, Rusty realizes that it's basically school. The EV Trainer criticizes that Rusty won't have a Pokémon as strong as he has.

Team Rocket Grunts appear behind the EV Trainer with a truck and kidnaps the EV Trainer's Clefairy quickly. After the Team Rocket Grunts leave, the EV Trainer laments over how many hours he spent on his Clefairy. Rusty figures that if he follows them he can rescue "Pikachu" and uses his bike to go after them. The EV Trainer Trainer is too late to remind Rusty to rate and subscribe his how-to videos. He kneels in agony.





  • The teaching segment in this episode features the song EV Training by Brentalfloss.