Eevee Owner

Eevee Owner was a young boy who appeared in the episode Team Rocket Ride Along as the target of Rusty and his mentor. He has a very strong bond with his Eevee.


He wears a yellow hat.


Prior to appearing in the series, Eevee's owner mentions that his mom and his dad died in a freak home and business fire. This was most likely the work of Team Rocket, much like how one of their members suggested going to burn down the only hospital in Kanto.

Team Rocket Ride AlongEdit

Eevee's owner was seen being depressed for his parents dying on a freak home and business fire, and he decides to pull himself together as long his Eevee is on his side. However, as new Team Rocket member Rusty casually arrives to the boy without any single word of threats, The owner orders Eevee to attack him.

As the Team Rocket driver shows Rusty how it's done, he offers Rusty to drive the car to getaway after stealing Eevee. But Rusty, who was unable to reach the brakes, unintentionally kills the child with the truck.

In Bidocalypse, the Eevee owner is most likely to die again due to Future Rusty's repeated actions.