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Grandpa Crispen saving Rusty from his deceased pokemon.

"I know that you're upset, but Rusty's a good boy. Sure, he has made mistakes, but he's 10, he's barely old enough to smoke, and it's our job as denizens of the afterlife to guide him and become a better...(Rusty tosses Pokeball)Yeah geez, goddamn, really?"

Grandpa Crispin is Rusty's deceased grandfather who saves him when his dead pokemon try to kill him.


Grandpa Crispin uses the generic "old man" sprite used for the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald game.


Grandpa Crispin has a very compassionate personality, saying that Rusty is a good kid despite his slip ups. 


Ghost TowerEdit

Crispin appears in the Ghost Tower for saving Rusty from his deceased Pokemon's ghosts, and tells the ghosts that Rusty is naive and not old enough to realize his actions, and requests them to guide and help him to become a better person...until Rusty decides to capture him with a Pokeball, much to Crispin's complete dismay. 

Prior to his capture, he was identified as a "Ghost Grandpa Type" by Rusty. What happened to him afterwards is completely unknown, since Rusty never used the ball that captured him.

He is later mentioned in the episode Jailbreak. In Bidocalypse, Crispin was likely to be captured twice due to Rusty's repeated actions.