HM Madness is the title of the sixth episode. It was originally uploaded to the Dorkly website on December 3, 2012.





The episode begins with Rusty making his way down Route 17, singing in a horribly off tune voice the Pokemon Theme Song. He stops abruptly when he encounters a small tree blocking his path. He decides to give up, but he runs into an old man who tells him that he needs an HM, which is a "Hidden Move." The old man claims that he has been searching for HMs for sixty years, but Rusty says that he bought some from a kiosk at Celadon Mall, causing the old man to walk away grumbling.

Rusty then tries to teach Strength to a Geodude so it will throw him over the tree, but it just throws him into the tree. Next, he tells a Pidgey to use Fly to carry him over, but it just flies away. He tells Paras ("Mushroom Bug") to use flash, but this just blinds him and causes him to throw his Bidoof into a trench. Next, he tries to teach Surf to a Zubat which doubts about the move, so he throws the Zubat to the nearby river and ride on it, letting it drowned.

Frustrated, Rusty looks at Red's Twitter and sees the message, "My Charizard's Flamethrower really CUTS through the competition!" He announces that he has a solution...right before using a match to burn down the tree. As Rusty proceeds, the camera pans out to reveal that the fire has set the whole town and surrounding woods on fire.

Series ContinuityEdit

  • When speaking to the Old Man, Rusty says he bought HMs from a Celadon Mall kiosk. He most likely bought them during or after the events of the previous episode, Celadon Mall (Episode)
  • Rusty says that the small tree will become his "new rival." His old rival was the Bug Catcher from the episode Rusty's Rival.
  • Rusty consults Red's Twitter page for the second time in the series.

Trivia Edit

  • Rusty sings the Pokémon opening song from the first Pokémon anime series.
  • Technically, the Old Man is his responsible for keeping Rusty in the journey when Rusty was about to give up due to a tree blocking his way.
  • When Rusty burns the tree using match, an animated explosion sprite from Metal Slug series is used.