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Rusty and the Lavender Town Lady heading to the Pokemon Tower.

During his travels, Rusty eventually makes his way to Lavender Town and heads to the Pokemon Tower. The whole town is only shown for a brief time.

Known ResidentsEdit

Points of InterestEdit

Lavender Town has the same layout here as in normal pokemon games as well as the same eerie music playing. Visible in the short shot of the town is the Pokemon Center, Volunteer Pokemon Center and the blue roof of the Mart. The main attraction is the Pokemon Tower, which Rusty heads directly for upon arrival.


Lavender Town itself plays a small part, only being passed through by Rusty. He is led to the Pokemon Tower by the Lavender Town Lady, who warns him of the dangers that lurk in Lavender Town and within the Pokemon Town itself. Despite this, Rusty continues inside. He meets many of his deceased pokemon including Zubat Number 7, whom he drowned, Bidoofs 1-16, who were all crammed in one pokeball and a cubone among others. He is saved by his departed grandfather, Grandpa Crispen.