This is the list of Pokémon Rusty Episodes.

Season 1 Edit

Title Summary Airdate
The Journey Begins Rusty's journey begins, but his dad attempts to stop him. Dorkly Website: July 16, 2012

YouTube: November 12, 2012

Rusty's Rival Rusty picks a Pokémon Battle with the bug catcher. Dorky Website: July 23, 2012

YouTube: November 29, 2012

Team Rocket Rusty is ambushed by Team Rocket turf. Dorkly Website: July 30, 2012

YouTube: December 3, 2012

Season 2 Edit

Title Summary Airdate
Snorcrash Rusty's dad fetching Rusty home, they collide with Snorlax on the road.
Celadon Mall Rusty goes shopping in Celadon Mall using his dad's credit card.
HM Madness Rusty attempts to remove a tree blocking Route 17.
EV Trainer Rusty wants to know about "Effort Values".
Gym Fight Rusty battles with gym leader Blaine.
The Newest Member of Team Rocket Rusty attempts to sabotage Team Rocket Headquarters.

Season 3 Edit

Title Summary Airdate
Team Rocket Ride Along Rusty attempts to learn how to steal Pokémon for Team Rocket.
Battlehaus Rusty takes numerous but strange battles in Battlehaus.
How To Breed the Perfect Pokemon Rusty tries to make a new Pokémon with Julian, the EV Trainer.
Ghost Tower Rusty gets haunted by his dead Pokémon inside Ghost Tower, Lavender Town.
Pokemon Documentary Rusty watches the graphic documentary.
Viridian City Gym Rusty wants to get a new badge in another gym.

Season 4 Edit

Title Summary Airdate
Jailbreak Rusty escapes the Kanto County Correctional Facility thanks to Perfect Bidoof.
The Elite Four Rusty wants to beat the Elite Four using Peanut Butter.
Legendaries Rusty tries to capture a Legendary Pokémon in the sanctuary.
Bidocalypse (Part 1) Rusty is tasked by Anti-Bidoof Resistance to stop himself in the past from becoming a Pokémon trainer due to his dreadful mishaps. April 29th, 2017
Bidocalypse (Part 2) Rusty faces against Peanut Butter desperately. May 20th, 2017
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