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The Nurse about to release Rusty's Dad

The Nurse plays a small role in the Pokemon Rusty series, running the Pokecenter. She first appeared in the episode Snorcrash.


The Nurse wears a blue dress with a white apron tied over it. She wears a white nurse's hat with a pink cross on it. Her hair is a strange color, being pink and her eyes have no color, remaining black.

Pokemon Rusty SeriesEdit

The Nurse has only appeared in the show once, but Rusty may have visited her on trips to the Pokecenter to heal his pokemon. She is seen returning three pokeballs to Rusty. Rusty grabs two from her and rushes out of the center. The Nurse calls after him, but he insists that he did not forget anything. She decides to see what is inside and releases Rusty's Dad from captivity. She cringes at the sight because he is naked. Out of breath, he comments that his ulcer is gone. The Nurse is last seen presumably helping Rusty's father.