Located in Lavender Town, the Pokemon Tower houses many deceased pokemon soul. Many of Rusty's dead pokemon's ghosts can be found here, haunting in a restless sleep because of their terrible trainer.



Rusty is brought here by the Lavender Town Lady in order to catch ghost-type pokemon. While he is warned by the lady, he enters anyway, though he is noticeably freightened. Suddenly, Zubat Number 7, the Zubat that he accidently drowned, appears to haunt him. Then, Bidoofs 1-16 appear along with other pokemon he has accidently killed.

They rally together and they try to kill Rusty for treating them so badly. His grandfather jumps to his rescue and protects him, saying that he is actually a good kid despite his slip ups. He is able to calm down the enraged pokemon before Rusty captures him in a pokeball.