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The random bystander as he appears in Celadon Mall (Episode)

The Random Bystander is exactly that. He happens to be nearby when Rusty's first rival, the Bug Catcher, flees from a battle.


He wears a purple shirt, brown pants and has brown eyes.


Little is known about his life except that he happens to be in walking in the same area of the route where Rusty battled Bug Catcher. He witnesses Rusty throwing Pikachu at the Bug Catcher's Rattata. After the Bug Catcher flees, Rusty challenges the random bystander to a battle. In a panic, he throws his wallet and runs away.

Later in the series, he is seen when Rusty visits Celadon Mall. He is among the other shoppers walking around on the first floor, despite having forfeited his wallet in episode two.