Red is the Pokemon trainer who inspired Rusty to pursue his dream.


Red has a red hat with a Pokemon symbol on it and a red jacket with blue sleeves over a white shirt. He has blue pants and black shoes as well as a red backpack.


Red is mentioned by Rusty many times throughout the series,and keep up to date with him on his Twitter.

Rusty's RivalEdit

Red tweets that he defeats his rival, Blue. However, Rusty misreads "Gotta Catch Em All" hashtag into "Gotta Catch E Mall".

HM MadnessEdit

After a number of failed attempts to get through the tree, Rusty reads another one of his tweets, written "My Charizard's Flamethrower really cuts through the competition!". Ignoring the obvious hint of the word "Cut", Rusty set the tree ablaze, which he also unknowingly set the forest on fire.

Team Rocket Ride AlongEdit

Donning his cloak, Red revealed himself to the Team Rocket members including Rusty, and he summons his Charizard, Magneton and Gyarados to attack a member except for Rusty, which ask him to sign his glasses. After Rusty was knocked out, Red leaves his signed autograph, and leaves a reminder; "Don't do drugs!"


During the Bidocalypse, Red gathered all the highest ranked trainers to form a resistance, but he and the rest of the team were killed by Perfect Bidoof aka Peanut Butter. After Peanut Butter has restored his humanity due to Past Rusty's perfect sandwich, Red (and his resistance team) is revived by him.

In the altered timeline caused by Future Rusty, Red was most likely to repeat his actions and died again in that timeline.