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Rusty in his prison clothes, thanking the subscribers.

On March 13, 2015, Dorkly released a video on their channel celebrating reaching 1,000,000 subscribers. At the end, they tease making new Pokemon Rusty episodes, renewing the show after the last episode which aired on May 22, 2014.

Celebration VideoEdit

The video, called "One Million Subscribers!" obviously celebrates the channel reaching a million subscribers. They take the time to look back through many of their videos they have posted over thier time operating, including many clips from the Pokemon Rusty series. At the end, they ask "So are we gonna make another Pokemon Rusty?" Quoting many comments on their videos. The video ends with Rusty thanking all of the subscribers

Rusty's CameoEdit

Rusty appears in his prison cell thanking all the subscribers, before saying that he has never caught a "Subscriber-type" before. His cellmate, Hard Rick, calls him over (refering to him as "Fish"), wanting Rusty to sharpen his knife. Rusty responds cheerfully that he is coming.

Trivia Edit

  • Thought to be the renewal of the series, the teaser video never meant for new episodes until May 2017, due to Pokémon Rusty team left Dorkly.
    • Rusty had a different voice because Owen Parsons, who provided voice acting for Rusty, left.

Documentary Edit