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Ron speaking with his friend Ted.

Ron is a Team Rocket Member who is present when Rusty tries to rescue Pikachu from Team Rocket HQ.


He looks like many of the other team Rocket Members. He has blond hair.

Pokemon Rusty SeriesEdit

He is one of the attending Team Rocket Members along with Ted. When Rusty tries to attack them, Ron does not flinch when the Bidoof goes to attack him. He tells Rusty that his plan to fight a group of criminals was stupid and calls Tony to kill him. When Pikachu punches Tony and steals the gun, he is surprised that Rusty is the owner of the pokemon. He asks how Rusty raised "such concentrated evil." Seeing what Rusty can do, he welcomes him to Team Rocket. He cheers his name and carries him away on his shoulders with the others.