Rusty's Dad is Rusty's father in the Pokemon Rusty series. Rusty and him seem to butt heads over many different subjects, such as what Rusty is to do with his life. He continuously discourages Rusty from persuing the life of a Pokemon Trainer.


Rusty's father is an older man with a balding head of brown hair. he has brown eyes and is often seen in his white shirt. He reveals that he has an ulcer in the episode Snorcrash.


"You sounded like my dad after my Grandpa died! Boring!!!"
―Rusty on his Dad's personality after Crispin passed away, The Elite Four

Rusty's Dad has a very blunt personality. It is unknown if he wants what is best for Rusty or just wants him to be like his family.


Rusty's dad is Rusty's prominent parent in the series and constantly puts down Rusty's dream of being a Pokemon trainer. He wants Rusty to go to school and college to eventually get a job. He and Rusty's Mom are told by Professor Tree that Rusty is dead, but realizes that he is not when Rusty calls him.

He picks him up in his car after Rusty is attacked by Team Rocket. He tells Rusty that he is disappointed in him running away from home to pursue his dream before crashing into a Snorlax. He is also injured and desperately needs a hospital, but Rusty says that Team Rocket burned down the only hospital and so he heals his father in a Pokeball at a Poke Center, which cures his ulcer and leaves him naked.

What happened to him afterwards in unknown. Most likely, he found out about Rusty stealing his credit card at some point. It is currently unknown if they had became Peanut Butter's slaves during the Bidocalypse.

In the altered timeline caused by his son's future counterpart, he and his wife resumes their Deli work, and never became slaves due to the fact that Good Rusty still provides the food delivery.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • He lives in Beige Town with Rusty's Mom and Rusty. It one of two house in the town.
  • He does not want Rusty to be a Pokemon Trainer because he wants Rusty to work in the Deli.
  • He does not know much about pokemon, calling them "monsters" as if they are an entirely foreign concept to him.
  • In Ghost Tower, Rusty's dead Pokemons seem to agree with his Dad's discouragement because of the way Rusty treated them (albeit unintentionally).