"Who is Red?"
―Rusty's mom on Rusty mentioning Red

Rusty's Mom is the mother of Rusty. She has only appeared once in the series and does not appear to know much of what is happening in the world, demonstrated by not knowing who Red is. She tends to agree with Rusty's Dad in his disagreeing with Rusty's dream of becoming a Pokemon Trainer.


Rusty's mother has brown hair which she wears in buns on the sides of her head. She wears a red dress and a white apron.


At some point before the series, she met and married Rusy's father and they had a child together and named him Rusty.

She has only appeared a few times, first appearing in The Journey Begins when Rusty comes downstairs declaring that he wants to embark on a pokemon adventure. She agrees with Rusty's dad when he says that Rusty should go to school and get a job.

What happened to her afterwards in unknown. It is currently unknown if they had became Peanut Butter's slaves during the Bidocalypse.

In the altered timeline caused by her son's future counterpart, she and her husband resumes their Deli work, and never became slaves due to the fact that Past Rusty still provides the food delivery.


  • She is apparently good at cooking, as she cooked a chicken panini for Professor Tree
  • She has worked hard, just like Rusty's dad, to support Rusty and the family