Snorcrash is the title of the fourth episode in the series. It features the return of Rusty's father. It was originally uploaded to the official Dorkly website on November 5, 2012.

Official DescriptionEdit

Nothing can keep a good Pokemon trainer down. Nothing can keep Rusty down, either.





Rusty, after being mugged by Team Rocket in the previous episode, is picked up by his father. His dad scolds him for running off, saying that Professor Tree told them that Rusty was dead. He says that he is taking Rusty back to Beige Town. When Rusty suddenly calls out, seeing a Snorlax in the road, a violent crash occurs, injuring the Snorlax and Rusty's father, but leaving Rusty virtually unharmed.

Rusty checks himself for injures, but finding himself unharmed comments that the car crash must be a sign that he should catch the Snorlax and continue his quest. His father begs him to go to a hospital, but Rusty tells him that the only hospital was burned down by Team Rocket. He instead puts him in a pokeball. He gets into a battle with the Severely Injured Snorlax and captures him, saying snorlax is weak to Camries.

At the Pokecenter, Rusty gives the nurse three pokeballs to heal. The nurse offers them back, but Rusty only takes two of them, claiming he did not forget any. The nurse decides to see the contents of the pokeball and releases Rusty's father, who is naked when he comes out. The episode ends with Rusty's father saying that his ulcer has been healed.

Series ContinuityEdit

  • Rusty's dad scolds Rusty saying that Professor Tree told them that Rusty was dead. This stretches back to the first episode where Rusty tells Professor Tree to inform his parents that he is dead.
  • After the crash, Rusty's dad begs to be taken to a hospital, to which Rusty comments that Team Rocket burned down the only hospital. They likely did this with Pikachu shortly after the events of Team Rocket (Episode).
  • When Nurse Joy delivers the pokeballs to Rusty, Rusty takes two pokeballs: one containing a Snorlax and the other one a Zubat. One Zubat is because that Rusty had caught three Zubats in the previous episode but Team Rocket only released two.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • In Bidocalypse, the event was presumably not repeated due to Past Rusty still working on the Deli.
    • One of the Anti-Bidoof Resistance members noted that the event of Rusty's father crashing onto the Snorlax didn't really happened during Future Rusty's alteration to the timeline.