Team Rocket is a gang of Pokemon criminals. The first member appear in episode 3, Team Rocket (Episode)




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A female and male Team Rocket Turf Member found Rusty in a cave capturing Pokemon, and they uses a net to entrap him, and the Male Member introduced himself as a member of the team. Rather than facing them with Pokemon Battle, Rusty ‘’threw all of his Poke Balls’’ to them. Surprised by his cowardice as opposed to their previously difficult opponents, the Male Member thanked him for being spineless. As the Male Member freed the 2 Zubats, he was shocked to see Rusty’s Burbasaur after he freed it. As Rusty boasts his catch, the Male Member pointed out that his “Burbasaur” is actually a Bulbasaur with a birth defect. As he releases a ball containing ‘’16 Bidoofs’’, both members were appalled by this, and the Male Member desperately reminded him to bring them to the Pokemon Center to heal them. As Rusty tells them that he threw them away after they’re defeated, the Female Member was disgusted to his actions, and told the Male Member to instead grab Pikachu, and the Kakuna evolved out of happiness after the Male member touched him. After Pikachu punches Rusty, the Pokemon goes near to the Female Member, and she comforts him and later brings him to burn down a Hospital at Beige Town.

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