Team Rocket is the title of the third episode. It was originally uploaded to the official Dorkly website on July 30, 2012.

Official DescriptionEdit

If you're gonna catch 'em all, you gotta have Pokeballs.

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Rusty is found in the cave with "Pikachu", catching Zubats, taking the phrase "Gotta Catch 'Em All" a bit too literally. Suddenly, a net drops from the ceiling on top of him. He is then confronted by two Team Rocket members who tell him that he is on their turf. They threaten to steal his Pokémon, but in a frightened panic, Rusty throws all of his Pokéballs to them, begging them not to kill him. The Team Rocket members thank him for being a real coward.

The male Team Rocket member goes and checks Rusty's Pokéballs . He releases two of the Zubats that Rusty captured and then checks the thrid Pokéball, releasing Burbasaur. Both members are appalled by it as Rusty boasts that it is super rare. The male Team Rocket member tells him that it is most likely a Bulbasaur with a birth defect. He goes to open Rusty's other Pokéball and releases a pile of 16 Bidoofs. Appalled once more and questioning why Rusty would put so many Pokémon into one ball, they comment that they need to get the Pokémon to a Poké Center.

Rusty questions this and the male Team Rocket says to heal them. Rusty, surprised by the news that you can heal Pokémon, says that he has just been throwing away Pokémon with ailments or that have fainted. The Team Rocket members tell him that he is a sick monster and they resolve to take his Kakuna and leave.

The male Team Rocket member touches "Pikachu," evolving him with "Out of Pure Happiness." Rusty thinks that "Pikachu" evolved to save him, but "Pikachu" punches him in the face and flees to the female Team Rocket member for comfort. The three of them leave Rusty with his last Zubat in remaining Pokéball. Rusty decides to take out his phone and calls his father so he can come and pick him up, crying at his situation.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode that Team Rocket appears in.
  • In this episode, "Pikachu" evolves from Kakuna to a Beedrill.
  • Rusty throws Pokéballs and hits three Zubats, without the wild Pokémon encounter scene. Coincidentally, his move is used in 2016 virtual mobile game, Pokémon GO.