"Well, it's unorthodox, but can't argue with results."
―The Team Rocket Driver

The Team Rocket driver is the Team Rocket member that was assigned to take Rusty and Pikachu out on a Ride Along.


As with all Team Rocket members, He wears a standard Team Rocket uniform.


Team Rocket Ride AlongEdit

After Rusty officially joins Team Rocket, the driver brought him (and Pikachu, who is still pulling the gun's trigger) on his first assignment: stealing a kid's Eevee. After Rusty failed, the Driver demostrated him on how it's done, letting Rusty drive despite the fact that he's 10. As the Driver gives a threatening message to the kid, Rusty (unintentionally) kills the child, saying that he couldn't reach the brake. Despite this, the driver successfully kidnaps Eevee.

As the Driver told Rusty to try to rob a guy with a cloak...only to turn out that he was Red in disguise. Red summons his Gyarados, Charizard & Magneton to destroy the truck & eventually killed the driver (& unintentionally, the kidnapped Eevee.).

Altered timelineEdit

In Bidocalypse, the Team Rocket Driver was most likely to meet Future Rusty and killed by Red in the altered timeline.