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Ted as he speaks with his friend Ron.

Ted is one of the attending members of Team Rocket when Rusty tried to rescue Pikachu from Team Rocket HQ. he was in charge of the streamers, which Ron compliments him on.


Ted looks like many of the other Team Rocket Members. He has brown hair, a dark brown mustache and beard.


Among his other Team Rocket members, Ted apears to have a sentimental side to him. He considers his other Team Rockets members to be his family members and is kind. He does not seem to be an impulsive killer, as he only shoots Rusty's Bidoof when it goes to use bite on Ron, which may have been him protecting his friend.


He attends the welcoming party and is the one who worked on the streamers, but he says that the party is not about the streamers, but it is about welcoming the new members of Team Rocket. He welcomes Rusty, but when Rusty reveals that he is not there to actually join Team Rocket and commands his Bidoof to attack, Ted is the one to fire, killing the pokemon. He finds it hard to believe that Pikachu is Rusty's pokemon. He is last seen carrying Rusty away on his shoulders with the others, cheering his name.