"You tried to plug me in!"
―Rusty's Tentacool

Rusty's Tentacool is one of the unfortunate Pokemon owned by him.


At one point, Rusty captured a Tentacool just to use his tentacles as "wires" to light up the house lamp, electrocuting him to death. As mentioned by Rusty in the Team Rocket episode, Tentacool's corpse was most likely to be thrown away.

In Ghost Tower, Tentacool reappears as a ghost to haunt Rusty, but he (and the rest of the ghosts) was interfered by Crispin's spirit. As the ghost grandpa persuades them to guide Rusty to become a better trainer, Tentacool and the rest of the Ghost Pokemon fled when Rusty captures his grandpa with a Pokeball.

In the altered timeline, Rusty's Tentacool was most likely to die again due to Rusty's repeated action.