The Newest Member of Team Rocket is the title of the ninth episode. It was originally uploaded to the official Dorkly website on December 31, 2012. This episode was the season finale of season 2.

Official DescriptionEdit

Prepare for trouble, make it single.


Team Rocket HQ is shown in dark, stormy night, but inside is decorated festively. Two Team Rocket members, Ted and Ron, converse with each other about the new recruits to Team Rocket. While they are chatting, Rusty (under Team Rocket disguise) asks them where they keep all the stolen Pokémon. Ron answers without a second thought. Rusty then throws off his disguise and challenges to a battle to save his Pokémon.

He commands his 12th Bidoof to use Bite on the grunts, but Ron simply pulls out a revolver and shoots Bidoof in the face. Frustrated Rusty labels them as cheaters which Ron confirms. Ron goes on to ask Rusty what his plan was: Rusty reveals his (obviously flawed) plan to save his Pokémon. Ted calls his plan dumb, and tells another grunt Tony to kill him.

Tony walks up with a pistol. But before he is able to pull the trigger, Rusty's Beedrill "Pikachu" flies up and stabs Tony from behind. Rusty thinks that "Pikachu" has come to save him, but "Pikachu" picks up the pistol and begins shooting his former trainer. But he misses shot each time until ammo is out.

Ron was shocked and asked if "Pikachu" was Rusty's Beedrill. Ted then explains that the Beedril they kept is the most sociopathic, cruel and hate-filled Pokémon they had ever seen. He asks how Rusty trained such concentrated evil: the scene shifts to an unknown past, revealing Rusty who random stones at "Pikachu" (as Kakuna) in a futile attempt to evolve him using Sun Stone.

Ted claims that someone with black-heart (as Rusty is) always welcome at Team Rocket. Rusty thanks him, but points out that he's not a criminal. Just about that time the grunt tells everyone that he discovers Rusty's bike full of drugs. Cheerfully, the Team Rocket members carry Rusty up and start parading around while shouting his name.

The episode ends with a lone grunt shouting out "Yeah, he's not a good person!", and "Pikachu" still attempting to shoot Rusty with an empty pistol.



Trivia Edit

  • "Pikachu" appears again after "Team Rocket" episode.
    • The flashback of Rusty throwing stones at Kakuna may be during the events between episodes "Rusty's Rival" and "Team Rocket".
  • This is the final appearance of Rusty's drug-filled bike since "EV Trainer".
  • Bidoof is killed for the nineteenth time.