Viridian City Gym is the title of the fifteenth episode. It was originally uploaded to the official Dorkly website on May 22, 2014.

Official DescriptionEdit

Rusty finally comes face-to-face with his greatest enemy (other than "his own incompetence").





Synopsis currently in progress!

After seeing the Viridian City Gym on the news in the Previous episodeRusty makes his way to Viridian City from the Herb Shop. Seeing a warning sign, Rusty cheers that he is on his way to get his next badge. Upon entering the city, Rusty find the place a battlefield of cops and thugs, fires burning everywhere. Unfazed by all of this, Rusty greets the Bandana Criminal.

The criminal asks if Rusty's parents know that he is there. Rusty admits that he has not seen them in months and asks where the gym is at. The criminal points him in the direction of a police barricade surrounding the gym. Rusty curses this, thinking that the policemen are in line to get badges as well.

Rusty witnesses Team Rocket members smuggling thing out of a back door at the gym. Rusty decides to use the back door to skip the line. As he tries to find the Gym Leader, he witnessed Pikachu on the boss' desk, and he was happy to see him alive. Pikachu then explained his whole history after his survival.

As a Team Rocket member tried to convince Pikachu to leave the building, Rusty agrees and tell him to go back to him. Instead of that, Pikachu opted the team Rocket member to kill him, and the goon was shot down by the policemen and surrounds Pikachu.

The policeman tells that Rusty they have been tracking Pikachu for a while, but was unable to legally prosecute a Pokemon unless they find his master. As Rusty reveals himself as Pikachu's master, the Policeman beats him down, and tasers him when he was fazed by his police badges.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Progress of Rusty's Journey: Several months
  • Rusty Swears: Son of a Bisharp!
  • The episode reveals that Rusty never seen his parents for months.
  • This Episode was seemingly the last episode of the series until a new Episode, Jailbreak, was released 3 years later.